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Exploring the concept of fear and unknown, multidisciplinary artist Rosśa Crean presents "Werifesteria," a series of five poems accompanied by their own photography and artwork. Infused with liminal imagery and occult themes, "Werifesteria" touches on the subjects of human nature, witchcraft, and the power of the feminine divine. At times bringing us into the feral, dark recesses of the subconscious mind, the project leads us through a labyrinth of self-actualization and growth; the book documents a poetic journey of Crean's journey of loss and its impending grief, giving readers glimpse of the internal struggle of fear, all the while leaving a tiny light of hope illuminating within the forest's clearing.

Much of the artwork in "Werifesteria" was created during Crean's isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic while working as a resident artist at the Lakeside Inn in Lakeside, MI.

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