Magenta is Not on the Color Spectrum

24 x 30 Mixed media on museum canvas

$1500 (not including shipping) - Contact Rosśa at for further details.

An Integrated Bestiary

30x40 acrylic on canvas


Goddess of the lower world wearing golden sandals and Drinking blood

24x36 acrylic and liquid copper on canvas

Where the Angels Enter

36x36 acrylic, ink, and liquid copper on museum canvas

Our Natural Circuitry?

24x48 acrylic and ink on canvas

What the Silence Taught Me About You

24x48 acrylic on canvas 

La Fleur du Mal

15x30 acrylic on canvas

Water, Weaving, Waving, Worn

15x30 acrylic on canvas

Blood and Mother's Milk

15x30 acrylic on canvas

My Lotus Hides in the Open

15x30 acrylic and liquid copper on canvas