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Rosśa Crean is a multi-genre recording artist and composer, so don't be afraid of the variety! You can also listen to a lot of Rosśa's work at Soundcloud by clicking here.

Rosśa is always for hire for multimedia and film projects as well. Check out the COMPOSITIONS page to listen to past works!

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About "The Great God Pan" - "This dark, Victorian, queer romp through gender and the morality of overt sexuality and hedonism will leave you writhing for more reasons than one! Featuring incredible Chicago talent, this is a musical experience not to be missed.” - Maureen Smith

Scapi Magazine

...Chicago composer Ross Crean’s really funny piece, The Passive-Aggressive’s Guide to Mother Goose. Batt took on various characters, including “Jill” who sang virtuosically about “Jack” being a bit of a baby/misogynist, while Batt as Hickory Mouse ate cheese as the pianist tapped out the “Docks” on the edge of the piano, ending the Mouse’s aria with a decisive Big Ben on the piano. (She really did not want to strike one at all, it seems…) Have I mentioned that Batt can sing really high? She also has a great sense of both comic and dramatic timing. Little Miss Muffet is a Hipster (“who wears a hoop skirt these days?”) was tragi-comic with tongue firmly in check (or maybe that was a chicken nugget – you had to be there). These songs must be tricky and they are all virtuosic – Batt makes them sound easy, singing them expertly and with a great deal of confidence.” - Peggy Walt

Classic Concert NS

Exceptionally Different, Outstanding Quality ! I picked up on Ross Crean, in a thread started by another artist, in The Editor's Suggestion Discussion on The MDC artist messageboard. I have never heard anyone quite like this artist. Smooth multiranged vocals, with lyrical rhythms that make sense, unlike the forced, syncopated rhyme so prevalent in popular music today. Everything makes sense when this guy sings and it all sounds incredibly natural. The lyrics are like a conversation one would have with oneself in the mirror. Direct, precise, and daring. 5 star downloads, unquestionably. Thanks for the music, Ross ! Chris” - mp3artists

Absolutely hypnotizing! His music is absolutely beautiful. I can hear the soul that he puts into his music. He has a wonderful voice, using great talnt to its fullest potential. I'm looking forward to hearing more of his music.” - Darklady_FBI