On the Road (Miniature Song Cycle) - High/Medium High Voice
  • On the Road (Miniature Song Cycle) - High/Medium High Voice
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Text by Bea Goodwin. Music by Rosśa Crean. Range (D4 to G5 or 8vb). Duration 6 minutes. Copyright © 2020 Rosśa Crean / Knight & Thorne Music / ASCAP. All Rights Reserved.

Composer’s Notes:

Hello, adventurous singers!

“On the Road” is another collaboration between myself and wordsmith Bea Goodwin. The texts Bea wrote here, like in our previous miniature cycle “Nightingale Songs,” are all little excerpts from her journal. This time, Bea documented her move to beautiful California, where at that time she had never been any further west than Texas. I love her work tremendously; in so few words, she can convey a myriad of emotions, and that is the fun part about my job when I get to translate those emotions to music. The texts may say something initially on the surface, but once you venture further, you start to see some of the hidden meanings and undertones in what is being said here.

The most important thing I want to mention here is that I purposely do not assign strict tempos to these miniatures. When you see a fermata, a ritardando, an accelerando, etc., they are simply guidelines. Feel free to stretch and compress the tempos. Change them whenever you want if you feel it benefits your performance of this cycle. Pause at rests longer if you wish. There is no metronome clicking while you are singing these songs, and you do not need to fear one being turned on while you are practicing them either.

Yes, there are just a couple extended techniques offered here, but you do absolutely do not need to perform them if you are not comfortable or experienced in doing so. I composed this with that in mind. I appreciate different interpretations of song, so please feel free to go with whatever your intuition tells you. The subharmonics cannot be done physically by everyone, so if you cannot figure out how to execute them, do not worry a thing about it. Just have fun!

Hope you enjoy our little mini musical adventure journal!

With Gratitude, Rosśa Crean & Bea Goodwin

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