Lost Daughters - An Opera in One ActMusic by Ross CreanLibretto by Katherine Arathoon
Recorded live at Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, OHCommissioned and Performed by the Oberlin Mozart PlayersMay 7th, 2017
Conducted by JP Jennings
The Queen of the Night - Katherine Bruton, SopranoClytemnestra - Jessica Hiltabidle, Mezzo-SopranoMrs. Darling - Marysa Abbas, Mezzo-Soprano

The Queen of the Night, Mrs. Darling, and Clytemnestra reconvene repeatedly to a desolate wasteland, where they return each time someone is done reading their stories. They then discuss the losses of each of their daughters, one by death, one by estrangement, and one by intervalic disappearance. It's also about how these three very different women come together to express their grief and eventually, with the discovery that they relive this story and these feelings on repeat, decide to try and end the cycle.