"The Priestess of Morphine" to be released March 12th, 2021!

The recording of Rosśa's monodrama with librettist Aiden K. Feltkamp, "The Priestess of Morphine," will be released by Navona/Naxos Records on March 12th, 2021. The nonbinary team of Crean and Feltkamp created this project as a tribute to Marie-Madeleine, the Jewish lesbian erotic writer and poet whose work the Nazis sought to destroy during the Third Reich of World War II. Featuring sopranos Jessie Lyons and Katherine Bruton as two sides of the same woman, the work moves like a fever dream through Marie-Madeleine's poetry, full of Sapphic themes and morphine addiction. To hear a sample of the release, click HERE.


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